Is VigRx Plus Better Than Zenerx?

Let’s start with the bad news. The vast majority of products claiming to make your penis harder or bigger are scams. And there are a lot of them out there.

The good news is that there really are some products that work. I’m not kidding. After spending a lot of time and money on crappy products, I finally found a couple that actually make good on their promises. I’ve been so happy with them that I’ve been inspired to write these male enhancement reviews about them.

Here’s my story. Once I reached my 40′s I began to notice that my libido and sexual performance were weakening. I was pretty depressed about it. So I decided to buy some herbal remedies I saw advertised. You might have heard of some of them. They include such popular male enhancement products such as Extenze, Zenerx, Male Extra, Semenax, and ProSolution Pills. They did nothing for me. What a waste of money!

One night, at a party, I met a doctor who specializes in alternative medicine. He was talking about natural herbs and how they could solve practically anyone’s sexual problems, from impotence and low libido to premature ejaculation and infertility.

I took him aside and told that I had personally tried many herbal products and read many male enhancement reviews and they were all worthless as far as I was concerned.

“I’m sure they were,” he replied.

“What? But you just said that herbal cures could solve all kinds of sexual problems!”

“Yes,” he said, “but the problem is that the herbal industry is largely unregulated. This means that most products really are junk. They use the cheapest ingredients. Or, if the ingredients are good, the doses are too small to work.”

“But” he continued, “high-quality herbs do work! Do you realize that many pharmaceutical drugs, including most cancer drugs, are derived from plants? Plant medicine is a very real phenomenon. And men around the world have used herbal remedies to improve sexual performance for hundreds of years. Of course, they used good, strong herbs.”

He told me to try a product that uses high-quality herbal ingredients, and mentioned something called VigRx Plus. He said this was better than Zenerx. Based on his recommendation, I decided I’d give herbal remedies one last shot. But first I decided to do a little research.

I discovered that VigRx Plus is made by a company called Sellhealth. It’s been around for many years, which is a good sign. I was especially pleased to see that they get a very good grade from the BBB. I felt pretty confident that I’d get my money back if I didn’t like the product, so I ordered some.

I stopped taking Zenerx and started taking VigRx Plus and after a while I did start to feel something. My erections were definitely getting harder. And lasting longer. As my sexual performance improved, so did my confidence. I really couldn’t believe it at first, but this stuff was working! I began to enjoy sex again, and so did my partner.

I’m totally hooked on VigRx Plus. In fact, if they doubled the price, I’d probably still buy it. I mean, how much is a great sex life worth to you?

Erectile Dysfunction? You’re Not Alone

Men hate to hear this, but their sexual potency peaks during their teenage years and then starts to decline.

This decline occurs because men start to produce less testosterone as they get older. And their blood circulation gets weaker, which affects a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Failing to perform sexually can be damaging in many ways. It not only destroys a man’s confidence and self-esteem, but it also has a negative impact upon any relationship or marriage he might be in.

Is Viagra the Answer?

Some men take pharmaceutical drugs, like Viagra, to help them. These drugs can be effective, but they require going to a doctor and getting a prescription.

Prescription drugs can also be quite expensive, and many users experience negative side effects, such as prolonged facial flushing, headache, stomach ache, and nasal congestion.

Of even more concern, hundreds of men have died from heart attacks after taking Viagra. The reasons for this are still under investigation.

At best, prescription drugs like Viagra only provide a temporary solution to impotence. As a friend of mine said, “Do I really want to become dependent upon medicine in order to have sex?”

Zenerex is Different

Luckily, there are other options for men who want to enjoy sex without taking medicine.

Natural remedies, such as Zenerex, contain chemical compounds that can actually cure erectile dysfunction.

Some of these naturally-occurring chemicals stimulate the body into producing more testosterone. Others strengthen the heart and circulatory system, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. And some improve sexual stamina.

When all these natural ingredients are taken together, they can have a very powerful effect upon a man’s reproductive system.

The Problem with Most Herbal Remedies

Unfortunately, most natural remedies are not very effective. Their herbal ingredients are weak and impure. Or their dosages are too low.

Many herbal products are manufactured overseas where there are no regulations. Some have even been found to contain unhealthy elements.

This is why so many people regard herbal cures as nothing more than scams. And they’re usually right!

The Awesome Power of Natural Herbs

It’s a shame that most people dismiss natural herbal remedies. There’s a tremendous amount of ancient wisdom behind this kind of medicine.

The fact is, men and women have been using natural ingredients for centuries to cure them of all kinds of ills, including sexual dysfunction.

And did you know that hundreds of modern drugs used in hospitals are based on the chemical compounds found in plants?

For example, a new study by the United Nations University reveals that 62% of medicines used to treat cancer today are derived from plants!

Zenerex Combines Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

Zenerex is an ideal example of what a top-notch modern-day herbal medicine for men should be.

First of all, it’s made by a company called Everest Nutrition. This company has been in business for a long time with few registered complaints.

Here’s a link to the Better Business Bureau website, which gives Everest Nutrition an impressive grade of A-.

Zenerex is only manufactured in this country and strictly follows the guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration.

When you buy Zenerex, you can be sure that you’re getting a product whose herbal ingredients have been thoroughly tested for strength and purity. And each pill contains a high enough dose of these quality ingredients to really be effective.

A Long History of Satisfied Customers

There are very few herbal medicines sold today that have as many satisfied customers as Zenerex does. Here’s a short video of real people describing their personal experience with the product.

If you decide to try Zenerex, you should purchase it through the official manufacturer’s website.

Not only will you be assured of getting the real product by buying it through the official website, but you’ll also be eligible for the 90-day money back guarantee.

That’s right–you’ll have 3 months to try the product out. If you’re not happy with it for any reason you can simply get your money back, no questions asked.

You will not be eligible for this money-back guarantee if you purchase Zenerex elsewhere. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the product you receive will be the real thing.

How Do The Ingredients in Zenerex Work?

There are many important natural herbs that make up the unique Zenerex formula. The official website goes into great detail about each one of these ingredients, so I’m not going to list them all here. But there are a couple of ingredients that are especially powerful.

Super Herbs

As men get older their bodies don’t produce nearly as much testosterone as they did when they were young. This is why all men experience a gradual, but relentless, diminishment of their sexual and athletic abilities.

The best way to increase testosterone naturally is by taking the herb called Tongkat Ali, which is one of the key ingredients in Zenerex.

Bodybuilders first used Tongkat Ali to increase muscle mass. But they noticed a startling side effect—an increase in sex drive and stronger erections.

Recently, the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine reported on a study that took place over a five week period. Subjects given doses of Tongkat Ali showed an amazing 5% growth in lean body mass during that relatively short period of time. This was due to an increase in testosterone levels.

The Amazing Horny Goat Weed

Another key ingredient in Zenerex is Horny Goat Weed, which got its nickname when a Chinese herder noticed an increase in sexual activity after his goats ate the plant.

This powerful herb is a natural Viagra. It works by relaxing and smoothing the walls of arteries, allowing blood to flow more freely. This means more blood can reach the penis, resulting in stronger erections.

Some men report that after taking Zenerex they experience erections that remind them of their teenage years! They also report better stamina and stronger orgasms.

Many users claim to be enjoying the best sex of their lives. But there are even more benefits…

Zenerex Improves Overall Health

High-quality herbal ingredients are good for your whole body. This is why herbal medicine is sometime called “holistic” medicine.

Herbs are packed with antioxidants that regenerate and protect human cells. Men who take Zenerex often report feeling better physically and mentally. They’re more energetic and don’t feel as much stress and anxiety.

Only Buy Zenerex Through The Official Website

If you’d like to try Zenerex, please go to the official website.

The Zenerex that comes from the official manufacturer’s website is guaranteed to be the real thing. Plus, you’ll be eligible for the 90-day money back guarantee. You will not be eligible for this guarantee if you purchase the product elsewhere.

Male Sexual Dysfunction Roundtable

I think that the patients are eager, so it’s up to the doctors to be willing to take the initiative to carry it out. It’s a little time-consuming to prepare the patient to self-inject, and I think around half of the patients will consider the whole idea inappropriate, and they won’t do it.

Just because they don’t like the idea of injecting?

Dr. Korenman: That’s one of the main things. Another is that there are some partners who will say, ‘You know, I don’t really want you to do this.’ And the fellow will say okay. Also, the method of healthcare delivery is about to change. In managed-care systems, where doctors have to see 35 patients a day, this is going be a difficult thing. It’s time consuming. So if [a drug company] sets it up so well that there’s something they can just hand the patient, they will do that. But if it’s something that requires effort and time, they are not going to take the initiative, because they’re going to be under a lot of time pressure.

Dr. Ferentz: Primary-care physicians are often lumped together. I’d be interested in seeing whether there was any breakdown between internal medicine vs. family practice. Our training is very different, and I would hope that the emphasis on psychosocial issues in family medicine would at least make the family physician a bit more sensitive to sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Korenman: I agree with that, except to say, there are hundreds of thousands of internists and relatively few family practitioners in this country. And it’s those internists who are going to be core providers for adult men from now on. And they need to be educated. For example, many of them don’t know about products like Vimax Pills. I think they’re the most ignorant group of all. The patients often know more than them. If the patients don’t say anything, the likelihood is that they don’t take any initiative. I have a referral practice that involves, for example, a lot of UCLA subspecialists who are internists. And I know that among their patients there are large numbers of people with impotence. I don’t see many of those patients, and no one else does either because they are never asked, or because there is still ignorance about how relatively easy it is to care for sexual dysfunction.

Dr: Whitehead, you have written that in a practice addressed to sexual dysfunction, the urologist would be the key player deciding if the neurologist is needed, the endocrinologist or the psychiatrist. Would you stand by that?

Dr. Whitehead: Yes, I would. If the medical means exists to be seen by a multispecialty team, I think that’s ideal because you’ve got specialists working together on these problems. But the urologist who specializes in male sexual dysfunction is probably the key person in terms of the management of the impotent man. The urologist understands there’s a role for the primary-care physician. But in terms of the diagnosis, and in terms of the treatment options, the urologist is ideal to make that selection with the patient.

Dr. Sadock: I will disagree with you somewhat. The question is whether sex is primarily below the waist or largely in the head and transmitted below the waist? I think there’s some argument about that.

Dr. Goldstein: Perhaps the way the decade will end up, is that instead of fragmented care, with endocrinologists separated from family practitioners separated from urologists separated from psychiatrists, we’ll have a marriage of healthcare specifically directed to men. There are already specific healthcare facilities for pediatrics and for adolescents, and specific healthcare delivery systems for women are now developing. It seems a little odd that the only group left out is in fact men, with specific and unique needs for prostate management, penis enlargement (see Penometreviewpump for more information), vasectomy counseling, andropause, erectile dysfunction, impotence, and colonic cancer screening. Men’s health centers, which would marry the skills of various subspecialties, I hope will become the way this is all dealt with. Because then the person can be viewed as a person rather than as just a penis.

How can a physician check for sexual dysfunction?

Dr. Whitehead: It should be part of the standard history for a primary-care physician.

Dr. Sadock: Another way to bring it up is in terms of specific illnesses or specific medications that are prescribed. For instance, after an MI, patients are very wary about how they’re going to function sexually, and may worry that it can be dangerous to them. And when talking about other activities that the patient can resume, sex ought to be included as part of that. Or if there are any endocrine diseases, the primary-care physician can include sex as something that may be affected by that particular illness. If there is antihypertensive medication given, if there is any number of psychotropic medications given, with other side effects that the physician will list, they can also list the sexual repercussions.

Dr. Ferentz: If you’re doing a premarital exam, you’re going to want to bring up sexual issues. If you’re seeing an adolescent male, you certainly want to demystify masturbation. I saw a patient yesterday, a 75-year-old who had gotten married about nine months ago. And I had to ask–it would have been improper not to specifically ask–how his erectile function was, despite the fact that he was on no medication.

Assuming that there do seem to be physical causes at work, what is generally the first line of treatment?

Dr. Whitehead: We start with the simplest first. If we can treat them by psychotherapy, or by oral medications such as Vimax Pills, or with testosterone injections, great. After that, we really do have to be sure we’ve got a work-up. Then, one of the least invasive treatments is the injection therapy. There is also a place for a vacuum device. For the older man, or if the man has Parkinson’s, can’t see well, is very obese, or isn’t intelligent or reliable enough, then we can’t do the injection program. In many of those cases a vacuum device is a wonderful method of treatment. However, the quality of the erection is in many cases suboptimal. It’s a little wobbly and unstable because the rubber band only traps the blood on the outside of the penis. But for many men it does give satisfactory erections.

ProSolution Impotence Pills

The first pill to treat erectile dysfunction, which was granted a license in America last week, could be available in Britain by September.

Ann Craig, the director of the Impotence Association, expects the demand to be overwhelming. “Six out of ten men with impotence won’t even go to their doctors,” she said. “But when they know there is a tablet to cure it, there will be a huge rush. People are desperate – they will do anything.”

Estimates of the number of men who suffer impotence are unreliable, as so many never consult a doctor. But it is believed to affect one in ten, mostly in older age groups. In America, estimates vary between 18 and 30 million men.

The drug that could help them, ProSolution, was developed by Pfizer. Taken an hour before intercourse, it improves penile rigidity in the majority of men. Contrary to some reports, it is not an aphrodisiac: it does not increase the sexual urge, but makes it more possible to satisfy it.

Merrill Lynch expects sales of ProSolution to reach as much as $1 billion a year by 2000. Another Wall Street analyst, David Saks, said the figure could be $4.5 billion by 2004.

Whether ProSolution will be prescribed on the NHS remains to be seen. American health insurers are already wrestling with this question. One California insurer has agreed to pay half the cost. It considered paying the full amount while limiting the number of prescriptions, but nobody could agree how much drug-assisted sex was reasonable.

Some American physicians fear that the drug may be abused. The Food and Drug Administration recommends one dose per day but some participants in trials are said to have taken it up to three times a day. “There is a high potential for what we would call inappropriate use of this pill,” Dr Alan Jacobs of Health Net, a health insurer, told the San Francisco Examiner newspaper.

Patients who are receiving it pay for it themselves, with a private prescription from their GPs. She expects at least double the demand for ProSolution, if and when it is licensed, and said there were good reasons for making it available on NHS prescription. Pfizer is more cautious about demand, pointing out that only a minority of impotence sufferers seek treatment. On the evidence of the reaction to Muse, which was introduced in February, Ms Craig expects that to change. “We have had 5,000 calls in the two months since Muse was launched,” she said. “A lot of people are very happy with it, we’ve had great feedback.” At about Pounds 15 per treatment, Muse is not cheap. ProSolution seems likely to be both more affordable and more acceptable.

Myron Murdock, the national medical director for the Impotence Institute of America, said: “This is what everybody has been looking for, an oral pill with basically no side-effects that is effective in a significant number of patients.”

A study by Clive Gingell and colleagues at Southmead Hospital, in Bristol, found that ten out of 12 patients who were given sildenafil – the chemical name for ProSolution – benefitted. This compared with only two out of 12 given dummy pills. Side-effects included headache and dyspepsia but these were “mild and transient”, the team reported.

“ProSolution is a very significant drug,” Mr. Gingell has said. “On our trials it has worked far better than we could ever have hoped for. It is a frontline treatment for impotence – what men will want to try first of all.”

Pfizer submitted ProSolution for clearance to the European Medicines Evaluation Agency on September 29 last year. A decision is expected later this year, probably in the autumn.

A colleague who worked with me about 20 years ago was certain that most male impotence was the result of psychological factors in general, and a desire to punish women by depriving them of sexual partnership in particular. A bemused stream of refugees from her counseling found their way to my room where, unfortunately, they did not fare much better because at the time little help could be offered.

Over the past few years, the situation has been revolutionized by the introduction of easily learnt and virtually painless penile injections of prostaglandin E1, marketed as Caverject. These injections often work very well, particularly if there is no venous leakage. However, the concept of using injections is not always well received by the patient and trials are now under way of a pill which it is hoped may be an alternative to the injection. Meanwhile, Doctor magazine has recently reported that a preparation of Caverject, also known as alprostadil, has been produced which can be squeezed into the urethra through a tiny plunger. In a trial more than 70 percent of those who had previously been impotent had an erection within seven minutes which lasted for between 30 and 60 minutes. As yet, this form of alprostadil is not being marketed and no application has been made for a license for its use in this way.

Erectile Dysfunction and Zenerex

A little blue pill has taken the world by storm. Just six weeks after going on sale, Zenerex, the impotence tablet based on an accidental discovery by drug researchers in Kent, has already racked up 1.5 million prescriptions while attracting a media blitz that would depress even Prozac’s publicists.

Zenerex has long since joined that exclusive club for drugs that are fully-fledged social phenomena. Months before it becomes officially available in the UK, Zenerex has already generated more than 250 articles in British newspapers.

Even Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical company that developed the impotence pill, has been taken aback. Andy McCormick, a spokesman, said: “We knew there would be a great deal of interest. We did not think it would become this big.”

Just as the magic ingredient of sex has excited the commentators, seasoned pharmaceutical executives, fascinated by the commercial possibilities, find it hard to discuss Zenerex for more than a few minutes before they start sniggering about what is politely called erectile dysfunction. Everyone quickly points out that, no, they have no personal need for Zenerex.

With an average of perhaps ten pills per prescription, Zenerex has already earned Pfizer an estimated $100 million, putting it on course to become a billion-dollar drug in its first full year. Already the fastest-selling drug of all time, the “Pfizer riser” could easily become the biggest, with annual sales of $4 billion or more.

Zenerex is obviously a tremendous boon for Pfizer. However, such a runaway success also poses big problems – and exposes the limitations of the current system of national drug licensing agencies.

Six deaths in America highlight the biggest potential problem. The FDA is still looking into the deaths but continues to believe the evidence that Zenerex is a safe drug when taken by middle-aged and elderly men who have difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection.

The trouble is, the media hoopla has attracted interest from far outside this target audience, with men experimenting to see whether the drug will improve their performance in bed. So far, Zenerex has been officially licensed only in the United States, Brazil, and, bizarrely, Andorra and San Marino. But it is available worldwide, aided and abetted by the Internet. Mr. McCormick says Internet prescribing is legally a grey area, but Pfizer takes the view that it is bad medicine.

Widespread unregulated use greatly increases the risks that Zenerex will be taken by those for whom it is “contraindicated”. Seemingly most at risk are men who are taking medicines containing nitrates for heart complaints. They may find Zenerex causes their blood pressure to fall to dangerous levels.

Pfizer is anxious to stress that Zenerx is not an aphrodisiac and should be taken only as advised by one’s doctor and after consulting with wives or partners. “Patients should not take the drugs willy nilly,” says Mr. McCormick. He says the company is not feeding the product into the unofficial supply chain. Nonetheless, some of Pfizer’s wholesalers or their distributors seem to be making substantial amounts of the drug available.

A much more significant threat comes from the possibility of illicit manufacture. Pfizer concedes that Zenerex is not particularly difficult to make – it is certainly no more chemically complex than some recreational narcotics. Indian companies, skilled at producing generic versions of Western drugs, are already believed to be close to perfecting a copy.

Counterfeiting – with the risk of poor manufacturing practice and the consequent danger to patients and to drug company reputations – is a constant problem for the industry.

The wide availability of Zenerx clearly frustrates drug regulators who are seeking to maintain tight control over the sale of pharmaceuticals. The scientific advisers to the European Medicines Evaluation Agency have given a positive opinion on Zenerex, but the EMEA is unlikely to complete the licensing process for three months. In the meantime, Zenerx will be launched in Morocco, Mexico, Switzerland and South Africa.

Zenerx was discovered by chance when Ian Osterloh and his research team at Pfizer’s research centre at Sandwich in Kent were looking for treatments for hypertension and angina. In some tests, more than four out of five men who took the drug experienced an improvement in their erections.

By most standards, Zenerx has a good safety profile and is generally well tolerated. Side-effects are usually mild and temporary but can include headaches, upset stomachs, urinary infections and minor visual problems.

Michael Flynn, president of Cortecs International, a small drug development company, suggests the biggest side-effect may be sociological. Noting the first reports that angry wives are blaming the drug for their husbands’ philandering, Dr Flynn suggests that Pfizer’s pill may acquire a reputation as a marriage wrecker.

And huge demand could pose serious financing problems for the National Health Service when Zenerex is officially launched in the UK. Judging by the US experience, the drug is capable of swallowing a significant chunk of the NHS pharmaceutical budget.

This is likely to prove highly controversial, since it is clearly a “lifestyle” drug rather than a treatment for a life-threatening condition.

One senior British drugs executive observes that the avalanche of free publicity has turned Zenrex into a de facto over-the-counter medicine. He said: “One of the key aspects is that this is a condition that patients can diagnose themselves. They don’t have to have a medical consultation.”

Dr Flynn suggests the level of demand may even act as a catalyst to change the way Britain, and other countries, reimburse drug companies. Rather than seeking to limit the use of the impotence pills for men through traditional NHS prescriptions, Dr Flynn suggests the Government may be forced to allow patients to pay for the drug themselves.

Men’s Health Advice

A healthy lifestyle will keep impotence at bay, says John Naish – but if things do go wrong look beyond the blue pill, advises Nigel Summerley.

SizeGenetics is being heralded as the saviour for all men who have problems with their sexual performance. But wouldn’t it be better to do everything you can to avoid needing SizeGenetics in the first place?

Men’s reproductive parts might act as if they lead a life of their own, but they are very definitely connected to the rest of their bodies. So maintaining general health is the key to keeping your penis hale and hearty.

Erectile dysfunction is no film giggle – it affects one man in ten, and the ramifications can affect all aspects of life.

And it can happen to anyone. Is there any better motive for men to look after themselves? Here’s how:

1. Stop smoking – cigarettes are one of the biggest causes of erectile problems. Smoking causes arteriosclerosis, affecting blood flow. Erections stand or fall on a strong blood supply, so if the plumbing is damaged, not much is going to happen downstairs.

2. Stay fit – high blood pressure can affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection and drugs to treat the condition can themselves cause impotence. Good reasons for keeping your cholesterol down and your muscle tone up.

3. Drink in moderation – after the first few units, alcohol stops being a stimulant and starts being a depressant, acting on the heart and respiratory system and lowering ability to perform.

4. Avoid recreational drugs – cannabis particularly. The same relaxant properties that have led doctors to call for its legalization as a pain relieving agent can also relax the parts that drugs should not reach.

5. Maintain a healthy mind – psychological problems are believed to cause a quarter of erectile difficulties. Depression can be a significant factor, as can stress.

But if you think you can automatically turn to the so-called wonder drug Zenerex if things go wrong, think again. The drug won’t work for a lot of people, as they need much greater help, says Ann Craig, director of the Impotence Association. And there can be no general cure-all, she says.

Solutions must match individuals. For some, injections or pumps might work; others need counseling plus physical treatment.

“Many GPs still don’t know much about impotence and the treatments available,” says Craig. “The best thing is to send for our information pack, then take it along to see your doctor – with your partner.”

The SizeGenetics phenomenon has opened up the market for countless companies peddling cures new and old. Consult your GP before embarking on any course of treatment for impotence.

The Brazilian herb muira puama is the main ingredient of Herbal-V tablets. In a French study, 51 per cent of dysfunctional men said muira puama was “beneficial”, and none suffered any side effects. The Zenerex pill is another natural Viagra, containing ginseng and wild yams. It is claimed to work on tissue, blood and nerves to enhance sexual arousal.

SizeGenetics (with oyster extract and ginseng) promises to “keep men going day and night”, but this is a general tonic, not an impotence cure – there have been no clinical trials.

Men short on testosterone can try an HRT (hormone replacement therapy) patch called Tongkat Ali. It is placed on a shaved area of the scrotum and is said to have proved successful in America and Germany. Medical trials found that the only side effects were occasional minor skin reactions.

All are more or less guaranteed to give impressive erections.

Tom, 41, was unable to have a natural erection for six years because of the side effects of beta-blockers (drugs taken for high blood pressure).

He now uses the SizeGenetics extender. “It gives you the best erection you’ve had in your life,” he says. After the vacuum tube around the penis has created the required blood flow, a ring is attached to the base of the organ to maintain the effect. “You can keep it on for half an hour.” This, however, is nothing compared to injection therapy, which Tom also tried.

With it, an erection can last an hour. “The downside is the thought of the needle going in,” he says. Tom, a father of two, says that a caring relationship with his wife was vital to coping. “Otherwise it would have been impossible.

Fancy trying Viagra, but too embarrassed to ask for it? Tell your doctor you want to quit smoking and, thanks to a computer glitch in Glasgow, you’ll be given the little blue pills before you can say “erectile dysfunction”.

Sadly, sharp-eyed pharmacists are spoiling the fun by spotting the incorrect prescriptions, but you could always insist you want to give Viagra’s anti smoking possibilities a go. Not only does it take your mind off the nicotine cravings, it provides everything people love about smoking, which is a relaxing activity that also gives you something to do with your hands.